Friends are to life what tea is to Biscuits. ..

As hard as friendships can be, I have decided, after much soul searching, that I absolutely still recommend it. 

I'm no expert, but I do know from experience that certain friendships run their course naturally, others may end abruptly over a disagreement, and some, sadly, end because of misunderstandings.  Any friendship that was true to begin with should never end this way though. Pick up the phone, rock up at her house. Talk. Talk TO each other instead of about it other, and you may even end up being better friends than you were before  (True story - I have the privelege of enjoying at least one such friendship) . 


And if ever you feel sad to have walked away from a friendship that once meant a great deal, I firmly believe in at least making the effort a couple of times ....after that, you need to let go! Perhaps they werent as keen on you as you were on them?  This happens.  

You can maturely choose to wish said Friend well, and move on gracefully  (easier for some than for others)...but the memories are real and if ever you really cared, you always will ...about eachothers children, or parents even.


None of the above applies if she's kissed your man (or worse). No no no. To her we say "Bye Felicia!" 


Then you get friends who no doubt have a reserved reclining chair ! In your old age you'll laugh at your silly youth, and shed tears as you recall tougher moments.  What a blessing to enjoy such friendship!


Through my rose tinted glasses I'd love to believe that anyone you were ever friends with would wish you well and greet you warmly when all is said and done. But then again, I still believe in biblical friendships...iron sharpens iron and all that ...

Have you had any similar experiences?